Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hafner Day-To-Day With Shoulder Soreness

Actually it's shoulder "tendinitis" according to the team, but either way it means there's nothing seriously wrong with Travis Hafner.  There was a bit of a scare when his name wasn't in the lineup last night and it was reported that he was going for an MRI.  That MRI showed no serious damage, he was given a cortisone shot, and Joe implied that he could be back as early as tonight.

While it sounds like a bullet dodged here, a rare outcome when it comes to Yankees and injuries this year, it's still probably in everybody's best interests to give Hafner a day or two more than he actually needs.  If he feels like he can go today, play him tomorrow or Friday.  Hafner has been a walking DL stint for the last handful of years, and with the lack of depth in the lineup right now the Yankees need to keep him healthy and productive for as long as possible.  They're in a position where they have a small cushion in the division and are playing good baseball, so why not take advantage of that and give Pronk a little more time?  Short-term loss for a potential long-term gain.

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