Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Robbie Cano Dumps Scott Boras, Signs With Hova

It's the R-O-C, bitches!

Well not exactly.  Technically Robinson Cano signed with Roc Nation Sports, which is supported by CAA Sports.  And technically it will be CAA Sports agent Brodie Van Wagenen who will handle the duties of negotiating Cano's new contract and not Jay-Z.  But it's still pretty cool.

As first reported by Buster Olney this morning, Cano decided to ditch Boras in favor of becoming the first official client of Roc Nation Sports, a new sports management and marketing firm owned by Jay-Z.  This comes as a pretty big surprise, as it was only recently that Cano signed on with Boras in what we all believed was a shrewd business move designed to guarantee himself the biggest and best deal possible when he hit the free agent market after this season.  Now, like Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez before him, Cano has kicked Boras to the curb to apparently take a more active approach in managing his career.

At face value, this looks like a major win for the Yankees.  Van Wagenen and CAA Sports currently have multiple MLB clients like Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Braun, and the recently re-upped Buster Posey, who all signed big deals to stay with their current teams before hitting the open market.  Cano choosing this path should greatly increase the chances that he re-signs with the Yankees and could increase the chance that he re-signs for a deal that is friendlier to the Yankees' payroll plans than any open market bidding war headed up by Boras would have been.  But there is always the chance that those things don't happen and until the ink is signed on a new contract nothing is a guarantee.  Still, Cash and the Yankee ownership group has to be happy with this news.  Now somebody hit the music!

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