Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Offseason Boiled Down To The Simplest Terms

With the 2012-2013 offseason now squarely in the rearview, the Yankosphere is collectively getting its last licks in this week and putting the finishing written touches on what was universally regarded as a boring, unproductive, "bad" offseason.  There are a million ways to paint that picture, the best of which involve statistical analysis and comparison, and some of which have been done in bits and pieces on this blog as part of other posts.  But with so much still to happen that will ultimately determine just how successful or unsuccessful this past offseason truly was, it's almost more hassle than it's worth to try to dig through the numbers and analyze the projections.  Here's all anyone really needs to know about this offseason:

Everyday Players Lost- 2.5

Right Field- Nick Swisher
Catcher- Russell Martin
Third Base- Alex Rodriguez (out with injury)

Everyday Players Added- 2

Right Field- Ichiro (re-signed)
Catcher- None
Third Base- Kevin Youkilis

Starting Pitchers Lost- 0

Starting Pitchers Added- 2

Hiroki Kuroda (re-signed)
Andy Pettitte (re-signed)

Relief Pitchers Lost- 2

Rafael Soriano
Freddy Garcia

Relief Pitchers Added- 1

Mariano Rivera (re-signed)

Bench/Part-Time Players Lost- 4

Third Base- Eric Chavez
OF/DH- Raul Ibanez
OF/DH- Andruw Jones
OF- Chris Dickerson

Bench/Part-Time Players Added- 4

Third Base- None
OF/DH- Matt Diaz (MiL deal)
OF/DH- Juan Rivera (MiL deal)
IF/DH- Dan Johnson (MiL deal)
DH- Travis Hafner

There it is, stripped down to the bare bolts.  The Yankees lost more starting position players than they gained, fortified their pitching staff by re-signing their own guys, and replaced a more productive bench group with a decidedly less productive and less certain to be productive bench group.  Make of that what you want, spin it however you want, but the bottom line is that's what the Yankee offseason basically boils down to.  What comes as a result of it will be determined in the next 7+ months.

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