Monday, July 9, 2012

S A Big D, Kansas City

And one that just worked out for an hour at the YMCA without showering at that.  You see that, Kansas City?  Do you?

That's reality.  That's Robinson Cano and the rest of the Yankees once again being on top of the American League while you wallow away in baseball purgatory for the umpteenth consecutive year.  And yeah, I made that big enough to not fit in the post window on this site for a reason.  You're 2nd to last in the weakest division in the entire league, and you have the 2nd worst run differential.  And you're upset that the AL HR Derby captain didn't pick somebody from your team to be in the derby?!  Get your fucking priorities straight!  Billy Butler is the best player on your fucking team and he's a DH.  What does that tell you???

The fact that the All Star Game is in your stadium this year is the first thing that's made you and your team matter in the baseball world in roughly 20-25 years.  That's back when George Brett was still relevant, and not some old fart talking about shitting himself during Spring Training and getting passed on the all-time hits list by Derek Jeter.

So go ahead and boo your fucking lungs out at Cano tonight.  Doesn't change the fact that he and his team are moving on to bigger and better things this season and your team will stop playing meaningful games sometime later this month.  And enjoy the sellout crowd tomorrow.  You guys should get to experience that at least once in your lives.  I'll see you in October.

Oh wait.  No I won't.


Anonymous said...

Typical New York God complex. I wonder if it had been the KCP&L instead of the WTC if you would have batted an eye, much less sported I *heart* KC shirts.

Unknown said...

Read the banner, Anon. The "rabid Yankee homerism" line is only half-joking.

On a personal note, I find your use of the 9/11 attacks in reference to a sarcastic baseball blog post incredibly offensive. My uncle is a 9/11 survivor and was one of the FIRST first responders on the scene that day. That's something you would know if you read more than just this 1 post on this blog, but more power to you for being ignorant and insensitive.

Next time you try to troll, it would be wise to leave American tragedies out of it. Especially one to which I have a personal connection.