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2012 AB4AR Season Preview: The Predictions

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Well, we've reached the end of AB4AR Season Preview Week, which can mean only one thing...


I've previewed everything I can preview, and from those previews I feel really good about this year's team.  The lineup is stacked, the rotation is deep, the bullpen is tough, and the bench is serviceable.  As long as Joe keeps his nose out of the bullpen binder and doesn't put the bunt on in situations that don't call for it, this should be a very good year for the Yankees.  There's nothing more to analyze, so the only left to do is get on with the predictions, starting with the AL East.  Because I have horrible math skills and don't feel like putting the effort in on a holiday, this is the only division for which I'm predicting records.

AL East

1) Yankees: 97-65
2) Rays: 90-72 (2nd WC)
3) Fraud Sawx: 88-74
4) Blue Jays: 85-77
5) Orioles: 66-96

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AL Central

1) Tigers
2) Indians
3) Royals
4) Twins
5) White Sox

AL West

1) Rangers
2) Angels (1st WC)
3) Mariners
4) A's

AL MVP: Albert Pujols
AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez
AL ROY: Matt Moore
AL MOY: Manny Acta

NL East

1) Phillies
2) Marlins (1st WC)
3) Nationals
4) Braves
5) Mets

NL Central

1) Reds
2) Brewers
3) Cardinals
4) Pirates
5) Cubs
6) Astros

NL West

1) Giants
2) Diamondbacks (2nd WC)
3) Rockies
4) Dodgers
5) Padres

NL MVP: Justin Upton
NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw
NL ROY: Trevor Bauer
NY MOY: Ozzie Guillen


AL WC: Angels over Rays
NL WC: D-Backs over Marlins

ALDS I: Yankees over Angels in 6
ALDS II: Rangers over Tigers in 7

NLDS I: Phillies over D-Backs in 6
NLDS II: Giants over Reds in 6

ALCS: Yankees over Rangers in 7
NLCS: Giants over Phillies in 6

At the risk of continuing my new jinx streak, I'm going to stop right there.  I feel very confident in the Yankees making the World Series this season thanks to the improved rotation.  When they make the postseason, I'll come back around and make some more definitive predictions on their World Series chances, but for now I'm pumping the brakes.  If you're looking for some more detailed descriptions of some of my award picks, go fish around the TYA Roundtable Discussions from a week or so ago.  And if you're looking for more detailed predictions, check out my fellow TYA writer William Juliano's picks over at The Captain's Blog.

** Check back in a few hours for the 2012 edition of the 10 Fearless Predictions. **

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