Monday, March 12, 2012

D-Rob Takes The Morning Train

He was off crutches yesterday, his walking boot is scheduled to come off today, and things are looking good for Dave Robertson in terms of being able to fully recover from the bone bruise to his foot and get back into action quickly.  That being said, it would be probably be wise for the Yankees to take it easy on that foot and not have Robertson be on his feet all the time, unnecessarily walking and running around on it and risking a setback.  It's his plant/push foot so it's important that it be 100% before he gets back out on the mound, and since D-Rob has already shown to not be a master of walking down/kicking boxes down the stairs, better to proceed with caution.  And how to do that, you ask?  Simple.  Stair rails.

Install a few of these babies around the Tampa complex and completely eliminate stairs from the equation.  This lessens the wear and tear on that bruised foot, takes away any chance of a repeat of Robertson's previous stair gaffe, and should help get him back to 100% and on the mound quicker.  While we're at it, the Yankees should probably designate a few of the younger, bigger guys in camp responsible for carrying Robertson to and from all team activities over the next week.  And a private handicapped bathroom probably wouldn't hurt either.

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Anonymous said...

awesome post as usual. Love the label of "gratuitous Seinfeld reference" lol