Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 Reasons TO Be Worried About The 2011 Rotation

1) CC, ace or not, is coming off knee surgery and the heaviest workload for any pitcher over a 4-year period, and will probably need his innings monitored accordingly.

2) Phil Hughes most likely won't, and isn't ready to, make the jump to become a legitimate #2 pitcher, regardless of how much he improves his secondary pitches.

3) Andy Pettitte seems to be leaning more towards retirement rather than returning, and even if he does, you can pretty much pencil him in for 2 DL stints in 2011.

4) A.J. Burnett is still A.J. Burnett, which means he's the maddeningly inconsistent pitcher he's been his entire career, even before he came to New York, and flat out isn't worth the money he's being paid.

5) No matter how good Larry Rothschild is, he can't be good enough to get 60 league average starts out of Nova, Sergio Mitre, or any of the other options in Triple-A.  And replacement options for those guys in the free agent and trade markets are dwindling at breakneck speed.

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Rasheeda Cooper said...

One note on CC--he told ESPN this week that he lost 25 pounds. Meniscus tears heal a lot faster when there is less pressure on them, hence his reason for dropping the weight. Any weight loss for an athlete is great, so CC is on the right track now.

Happy Holidays, Captain!