Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Belated Happy Birthday

To the site!!!  I almost completely forgot but instead I'm just one day late in wishing myself and the blog a happy first birthday.

We started off a little over a year ago with this beauty of an opening post in which I completely botched Rick Porcello's name (seriously, Matt Porcello??  Who the fuck is that?) and it's been all uphill from there.  Over the last year I'd like to think we've brought something to the table in the Yankee blogosphere world, whether it be high-quality, pretty hilarious Photoshops thanks to the incomparable Swanny Duckson, spot-on predictions and occasional solid analysis, rants on any topic that may or may not have been fueled by too much alcohol, or just finding a reason to reference Alec Baldwin's "Always Be Closing" speech from "Glenngary Glen Ross."

I hope I've been able to entertain and educate some of you dear readers out there, and if I haven't, well then you can fuck off and I guess I can live with that.  We sure as shit aren't closing up shop anytime soon around here, especially not with another postseason and title 28 right around the corner, so if you haven't done it already, get used to us. 

In all seriousness, thanks out there to everybody who has read and commented and linked us so far.  It's stuff like that that makes this pseudo-job worth doing and I look forward to continuing to churn out our brand of low-brow, profanity-laced, Hughes-loving, Joba-hating, Red Sox-bashing Yankee goodness as we at AB4AR head toward our Terrible 2's.

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