Wednesday, May 19, 2010


(Photo used courtesy of LoHud)

Did anybody even WANT to win last night's game???  There was bad starting pitching (Boston), bad relief pitching (Yankees), bad baserunning (Boston), and bad fielding (both).  In the end it was the double trouble combo of Marcus "Stonehands" Thames and the suddenly human Mo that cost the Yankees what could have, would have, and should have been an ugly win, wasting a solid CC outing in the process.  Joba also looked like a pile of shit in the 8th inning and Papelbon almost coughed it up again in the bottom of the 9th.  I was almost ready to call the thing a tie.

Joe really wasn't kidding when he said the bullpen is a mess right now.  The Yanks are either stuck with guys who can't work because they threw too many pitches in their last outing or guys who just flat out can't get 3 outs to save themselves.  That's also now been 2 straight outings where their best 2 have looked more like Clark Kents than Supermen and judging by their pitch counts last night, I would say they are also both unavailable tonight against the Rays.

And to really sting your ass if you're a Yankee fan, if the bullpen wasn't in such shambles, the Yankees wouldn't have had to option Greg Golson down to make room in the 'pen for Mark Melancon last night, Golson would have been in right field in the bottom of the 9th instead of Thames, and he probably wouldn't have dropped the easiest pop up in the history of pop ups.

 When you're talking about Greg Golson being the key factor to a win, you know it's tough times.  Somebody rub some Icy Hot on Nick Swisher's (or Steve Swisher's) biceps and get him back out there, STAT!!!

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