Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Linkapalooza Nugget For The Day

While the rest of us bitch and moan and wonder what the Yankees are going to do about their awful bullpen and bare bones bench, Bill Schedler at The Bronx View put together an excellent piece on being a true Yankee fan and what that means to him.

I will take a bit of umbrage with Bill's over-the-top desire to use the "we" term when talking about the Yankees, but that primarily comes from me having to talk to so many fugazi Yankee, Met, and Red Sox fans throughout my life who could barely name 5 players on the current roster yet continued to talk about how "we ahh going to fackin' kill you guys this yee-ah" like they were going to be batting leadoff that night.  But in Bill's case, his devotion and loyalty to a team (especially the Yankees) gives him a free pass to throw "we" around in my book.

Everything else in this post was spot on, from Bill's take on what the game of baseball used to be and used to mean to those who played to where it is and what it stands for now ($$$$$), to his logic explaining how fans, true fans, are just as much a part of the team as players are because they are the one constant in any professional sports team, to his points about what makes Yankee fans in particular such a great fanbase.

If you have 10 minutes today, give this post a read through and take a minute to consider your own fan-dom.

(And then you can get back to worrying about who's available out of the 'pen tonight and complaining about how much Randy Winn sucks)

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