Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can Somebody Throw Some Cold Water On Andrew Marchand?

The March must have been a little excited after the Yanks win last night, and I can't really blame him.  I myself christened my new luxurious leather armchair with its first ever Yankee-related freakout as soon as the ball left A-Rod's bat in the 9th, complete with TV clicker toss, multiple fist pumps, and a hot lap around the apartment living room.  But Andrew might be reading a little TOO much into last night's win:

"A-Rod did it again on Monday night, slamming a game-tying two-run ninth inning shot off Jonathan Papelbohn.

Then Marcus Thames finished off Papelbohn with his own two-run shot and the question is: Did the Yankees just finish off the Red Sox?" (courtesy of ESPN NY's 
Yankee blog)

Andy, Andy, Andy.  Take it easy, buddy.  To quote The Wolf from Pulp Fiction, "let's not start sucking each other's dicks just yet."  It was the 38th game of the season.  We're not even a quarter of the way home and you're already going to bury the Sawx?  Let's not forget that this is the same team that flat out owned the Yankees from the 2004 ALCS through the summer of last year.  Sure they are a lot older, creakier, weaker, and shittier than they were back then, but you still can't write them off just yet, especially when the Yanks are riddled with injuries and bullpen issues and the Rays haven't come back to Earth yet.

Don't get me wrong, nobody loves calling out the Sawx for sucking at baseball and fucking up constantly and rubbing it in their face when they lose to the Yankees more than me.  But it was just one game and there is still plenty more baseball to be played.  So put your pants back on, Andrew, let go of the bottle of Jergens, and sit back down at your computer and do a little reporting.

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