Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quick Hit: No Extension Talks For D-Rob

Via Anthony McCarron:

“This offseason, my numbers from this year are going to count, so why focus on what’s going to happen then instead of what’s happening now?

... We’ll see what happens. There haven’t been any talks, so we’ll see.

... There’s just been zero talks. When the offseason comes, it comes and we’ll hear what other teams and everybody else wants to say.”

On the one hand, this sounds like a player who's got his mind in the right place and is focused on the right things.  He's not worried about his contract situation.  On the other, it does sound  to me like D-Rob might not be totally happy that there haven't been any talks at all.  He did say "it's not my call" when asked if he preferred to wait until the offseason to discuss an extension.  On a human level, I could understand him being a bit frustrated if he's communicated that he wants to stay a Yankee and hasn't had anything reciprocated by the team.

For as much as people want to say that giving big money, multi-year deals to relievers is dumb, D-Rob is going to get some big offers if and when he hits the open market this offseason.  He's proven himself to be more than capable of replacing Mo as the closer and Dellin Betances' presence shouldn't be justification for letting him walk so much as motivation to retain both and have the final 2-3 innings of games locked down for the next few years.  The team didn't engage Brett Gardner during the season last year and worked out an extension with him.  I certainly hope they're planning to repeat that strategy with D-Rob this year.

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