Friday, August 2, 2013

Last Time On "As The Quads Strain"...

Alex returned to the field yesterday, in a simulated game somewhere near the team's Tampa complex.  Shielded from the media, he got 6 at-bats in and also played the field and ran the bases.  The team announced plans for his next rehab assignment, which he is scheduled to start today in Double-A.

Meanwhile, things off the field were getting just as hot (and even heavier) than the action on the field.  After early reports came out that A-Rod and his team of lawyers were working with MLB on a plea deal, Joel Sherman reported last night that those talks were off and his team was back on the plan to appeal any suspension handed down.  T.J. Quinn of ESPN reported later last night that the settlement talks had stalled between A-Rod and MLB based on the amount of games he was willing to accept and his desire to recoup at least some of his remaining contract.  Obvious sticking points for both sides, so it doesn't sound like there's a deal to be made there.

Is A-Rod making a deal?  Is he not?  Will the suspension be announced today?  Will he appeal?  Will we ever see him in a Yankee uniform again?  And how much champagne is ownership putting on ice for the celebration of not having to pay him next year?  Find out next time on "As The Quads Strain."

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