Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rotation Appreciation

(Buck up, guys.  Ya done good.  Courtesy of the AP)

You don't have to be a genius to know that the starting rotation has been really good this season.  They're currently 4th in AL in ERA (3.75), 3rd in FIP (3.75), and 3rd in total fWAR (6.7).  They've put up these numbers despite dealing with injuries to multiple rotation members before and during the season, CC Sabathia's transition away from being a power pitcher, and 2 starts on their ledger when the starter didn't even make it out of the 1st inning.  The collective performance of the rotation, even with the bad starts mixed in, is the main reason the Yankees are still 10+ games over .500 while mired in another brutal offensive slump, and it's time each guy just got some props for the job he's done.

CC Sabathia- Even with a diminished fastball, CC's still getting it done because he's become such a good pitcher.  He's walked 2 batters or fewer in 11 of his 13 starts, 1 or fewer in 8.  He's also struck out 8+ batters in 3 of his last 5.

Hiroki Kuroda- The rotation's greatest model of consistency, Hirok didn't allow more than 3 ER in a start in his first 9 of the year, and he's still tied for the most starts in MLB this season with 7+ IP and 0 ER allowed (4).

Andy Pettitte- He's only made 10 starts due to injury, but in those 10 Andy has given up 2 ER or fewer in 6 of them.

Phil Hughes- Good Phil has been pretty damn good this year.  Hughes has 5 starts of 7+ IP/2 < ER allowed this season.  He's also yet to walk more than 2 batters in any of his 12 starts, and his 3.65 K/BB rate is a new career high.

David Phelps- 8 starts, 6 IP or more 6 times, 2 ER or fewer 5 times.

Vidal Nuno- 3 spot starts, 17 IP, 11 H, 2 ER or fewer given up in each start.

Ivan Nova- Didn't have one of the starts that didn't make it out of the 1st inning.

Well, maybe Nova hasn't been that great, but whatever.  Baby steps.  Phelps keeps pitching the way he has been and we won't have to worry about trying to find a golden nugget in Nova's performances.

Job well done, boys.  On behalf of all Yankee fans and whatever teammates haven't said it to you yet, thanks for holding up your end of the bargain this year and some of the lineup's end too.

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