Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teix Not Cleared To Swing This Weekend

We heard some rumors earlier in the week that Mark Teixeira could be cleared to start swinging a bat again as he continues to rehab his injured wrist sheath.  Those rumors turned out to be just that, as Teix was not cleared by team doctors during his scheduled check-up on Friday.

Via Matt Ehalt of ESPN NY, Teix said there was nothing negative with the results of the check-up, and doctors were "very happy with how it looked," but that they felt a little more time to let the wrist get stronger would probably be the best thing for Teixeira.  This news puts Teix's chances of making it back by his originally stated May 1st date highly unlikely, but a mid-to-late May return was always the more realistic timeline.  Even if it takes longer than that, I'd be OK with it if it means his wrist is going to be 100% when he comes back.

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