Thursday, April 18, 2013

Brett Gardner Still Doesn't Have A Stolen Base This Year

Really, he doesn't.  And I'm not trying to imply that it's a bad thing.  Gardner has come up with some big hits early on, he's popped 2 HR, and he's starting to boost that tripleslash up to a respectable leadoff man level.  I just find it incredible that the fastest guy on the team and one of the top base stealing threats in all of baseball doesn't have a single one in 13 games.  For all the talk about how the Yankees were going to have to play small ball and run more this season to manufacture runs, they have just 3 SB as a team right now, one of them by Chris Stewart.  That's right, THE Chris Stewart is currently the team leader in SB and Brett Gardner is not.  Inconceivable!

Run, Brett.  Run!

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