Friday, April 12, 2013

Back-To-Back Rain Outs Kinda Suck

Axisa already beat me to it, but obviously back-to-back postponements in Cleveland the last two nights are going to pose some problems for the Yankees as they move forward through what is still a very long season ahead.  The team was only scheduled to make this one road trip to Cleveland this season, and now they'll have to chew up two scheduled off-days to make the trek back out to complete these games.  For an older team like the Yankees, off-days are an incredibly valuable resource and it will not be helpful losing two of them sometime in the middle of the grind.

It's not all bad news, though.  This second canceled game allows the Yankees to put their rotation back in its original order if they choose.  Phil Hughes will be skipped today so that CC, Hirok, and Andy can stay on schedule and pitch against Baltimore this weekend, then after a scheduled off-day on Monday they can come back with Nova and Hughes.  Personally, I hope that's the route they choose because I think it's important to give Nova at least another couple of starts before pulling the plug.

The rescheduling battle still has to be fought at a later date, and Mike had an idea for what scenario would work best for New York, but at least the bad weather combined the Yanks' resulting rotation juggling hasn't resulted in too much of a shakeup in that department.

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