Friday, November 2, 2012

Whoever Came Up With This Idea Should Be Promoted

Via Danny Knobler of CBS Sports:

"The Yankees are considering an outfield switch that would see Brett Gardner in center, with Granderson moving to a corner spot, sources say. While they believe they have two capable center fielders, Gardner is clearly the better defensive player."

Seriously, whoever it is in the organization that's championing this idea up through the decision-making ranks is a hero of the highest order in my book and deserves a pregame video package, statue in Monument Park, and a standing ovation from the crowd on Opening Day next season if this move actually happens.  And if it doesn't, whoever prevents it from happening should be fired on the spot.

Brett Gardner is faster than Curtis Granderson, gets better reads on balls than Curtis Granderson, takes better routes than Curtis Granderson, and is just an all-around better outfielder than Curtis Granderson.  And now that better, faster outfielder could be moved to the position most requiring a player to be better and faster.  What a plan!  So inspired, so devious, yet so simple.  If this happens, it might end up going down as the second greatest switch in human history.

("Gardner for Granderson.  It's the perfect plan.")

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