Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GM Meetings Start Today

Baseball's annual gathering of the GMs kicks off today in Cali, another sign that we've put the 2012 season squarely in the rearview and are focusing almost all energy towards 2013.  Don't expect anything big to come from these meetings; they're more of the warm-up act for the main event of the Winter Meetings next month.  That being said, the groundwork for potential deals and bigger Winter Meeting discussions can be laid here, and Ken Davidoff and George King of The Post reported yesterday that Cash will likely sit down with Torii Hunter's agent while attending the meetings this week.  Hunter is a prime candidate to replace Nick Swisher in right field, and with the Yankees staying quiet early in the offseason this could be a clue as to where their priorities lie in filling that hole.

If anything big does happen I'll definitely be here to cover it, but I wouldn't expect any breaking transaction news to come out the next 3 days.  Better of withholding your excitement until December.

P.S.- Part of me wonders if these meetings are just a way for all the GMs to get together, kick back, and laugh about all the crap that happened this season and what their stupid owners did and didn't want them to do. I picture the doors closing to whatever conference room in whatever hotel they're in and guys breaking out the cigars and beers for a 3-day party.  By the time Friday rolls around there's guys grouping up to play high-stakes poker games and spraying hookers down with one of those big $10,000 bottles of Spades.  That would be awesome.

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