Tuesday, August 14, 2012


(Not an image I expected to see.  Courtesy of Getty Images)

See what I did there?  That's clever shit.  It's gold, Jerry.  Gold!

In all seriousness, I, like many others, was not excited about the prospects of Derek Lowe joining the Yankee pitching staff, even if it was as a temporary bullpen arm to help cover for the loss of CC Sabathia.  There wasn't much in his final days as a Cleveland Indian (10.03 ERA/5.45 FIP, 0.57 K/BB in 23.1 IP) to suggest that he was going to going to be anything more than a batting practice pitcher for the opposing team.  And despite his claims that he had "fixed" what was wrong, without actually seeing it in action it was hard to take that as gospel coming from an older, no-stuff guy like Lowe.

Well, all he did last night was come out and do his best Sparky Lyle/Goose Gossage impression, going for a 4-inning, 0-run save.  For one night, at least, the changes Lowe had made to his mechanics certainly looked to be legitimate.  His sinker was sinking big time and his slider had great late bite to it as a swing-and-miss pitch.  For another scrap-heap signing, this one is already looking like a winner, even if last night's outing was the best and only good one Lowe has as a Yankee.

P.S.- 11 years and 1 day between saves for Lowe after getting one last night.  There are kids in middle school who weren't even alive the last time Derek Lowe got a save.  That's mind-bottling.

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