Sunday, August 12, 2012

Checking In With The AB4AR Sh*t List

It's been a staple of the sidebar of this site for quite some time now, but it hasn't been officially recognized in over 5 months.  That "it" is the AB4AR Shit List, the running list of things Yankee-related, and sometimes not, that are pissing me off.  It's a representation of my more irrational fan side, and the more immature early days of this site, but it's something that everybody can relate to on a personal level, and even if it's a few days too late now that the Yankees have started to turn things around (today's game aside), why not finish off our weekend with a little bit of hatred, huh?  I know I could certainly stand to blow off a little steam.

The long-updated list after the jump.  Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!

1) Randy Levine- Still number 1 in my heart, the completely non-baseball intelligent side of the front office business.  The part of the Yankee management brantrust that doesn't have a brain, or at least not one that he uses.  There were reports that the Ichiro trade talks got off the ground after Seattle placed a call to Levine.  If that's the case, then it's a miracle the Yankees were able to make the trade without giving up ManBan, Mason Williams, and Rafael DePaula in the process.  I wouldn't trust Randy Levine to make me some Pop Tarts.

2) Joe's Bullpen Management- He hasn't been as bad this year in my mind as he has in past years, but there's still some things he's too married to that piss me off.  The refusal to use David Phelps in more meaningful situations, the insistence on playing matchup games with Rapada and Eppley in situations that don't call for it, and the inconsistency with which he's used D-Rob since he came back are all points of contention for me.  I know I'm in the minority hating on the way Joe uses his 'pen, but it's my list, damnit, so deal with it.

3) Elbow Injuries- What the fuck is going on in this department this year?  Banuelos, Campos, Gardner, and now CC.  And the fact that the Yankee medical staff hasn't done a great job of diagnosing and treating any of the first 3 has me very concerned about CC's latest revelation of elbow pain and a DL stint.  It's been a year of injuries in the Yankee organization, and elbow ones have been at the forefront.  If they weren't so vital to the pitching process, I'd say just remove all of them so players never had to worry about TJS again.

4) Pedro Feliciano- Oh, so you're finally getting around to being healthy?  You're starting a cute little rehab assignment in the GCL so you can maybe make 1 or 2 September appearances for the Yanks and earn a small fraction of your paycheck?  Fuck you and fuck your family.  I hope your arm falls off and you lose your $8 million in a Ponzi scheme.

5) Russell Martin- Bro, it's getting near mid-August and you're still sitting below the Mendoza Line.  What the fuck??  There's only so long I can let the BABIP bad luck argument go before I just give up and call this a shitty season and say that you suck.  On the positive side, at least the Yankees only signed you to a 1-year deal.  It's not like you're playing Gold Glove defense behind the plate to make up for this either.

6) Tim McCarver- I've been lucky enough to not be exposed to him too much during the regular season, but that just means I'll get 10 times the exposure in the playoffs.  And hatred for somebody this awful doesn't just go away.  Fuck Tim McCarver.

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