Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes. Or The Endless Array Of Organizational Pitching Injuries

(Pick a part of the body and chances are somebody has injured it this season)

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a semi tongue-in-cheek post about the incredibly unlucky streak of injuries that had befell the Yankees this season.  The karma doesn't seem to have changed much since then, as both Brett Gardner and David Robertson are still a while away from being able to come off the DL and re-join the 25-man roster, and all the while names continue to get added to the disabled lists across the entire organizational network, most of them pitchers.  If you're not up to speed on who is or has been shelved at some point this season, here's a handy guide that breaks down the injury by body part.

** Disclaimer- AB4AR cannot be held responsible if the following list causes you to start drinking upon completion. **

Shoulder- Michael Pineda (torn labrum), Pedro Feliciano (torn rotator cuff), Pat Venditte (torn labrum)
Elbow- Cesar Cabral (stress fracture), Manny Banuelos (soreness/tired arm), Jose Campos (inflammation), David Aardsma (TJS- recovery), Joba Chamberlain (TJS- recovery), Craig Heyer (stiffness)
Hand- Freddy Garcia (bruised hand), Nik Turley (blisters), Rafael Soriano (torn fingernail), Dellin Betances (torn fingernal)
Abdomen- D-Rob (strained oblique), Daniel Burawa (torn oblique)
Back- Cory Arbiso (strained back), Manny Delcarmen (strained lat), Jose Ramirez (strained lat)
Groin- Graham Stoneburner (strained groin)
Knee- Mariano Rivera (torn ACL)
Ankle- Joba (dislocated ankle)
Foot- D-Rob (bone bruise)

And I know there are probably more than a few that I'm forgetting in there, but what the fuck, man?!?  Isn't that enough??  You could almost create 2 solid pitching staffs from that collection, most of whom are still currently on the DL.  About the only good thing that can be said in regards to this list is that at least there aren't any concussions or serious neck injuries involved.  That would just be the spoiled icing on top of this shit-flavored cake.

Somebody hold a seance or get Pedro Cerrano in to sacrifice a chicken or something.  This plague of injuries has to stop.  It's hindering teams' abilities to field full pitching staffs right now, and it's going to make it even more difficult to rank a new AB4AR Top 30 this winter.

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Steve Karsay said...

A live chicken. No half assing it with a bucket of KFC.