Monday, April 16, 2012

A Brief Message To Carl Pavano

(The question was, "What was your favorite part about making $40 million to do next to nothing?" Courtesy of The AP)

Hey Carl,

How's it going, man?  Good?  Great.  That's great.  Glad to hear it.  I heard you were coming back into town tonight and I just wanted to remind you that I haven't forgotten about your time in New York.  I'm sure a lot of other people have moved on, have let bygones be bygones, and are happy for you for picking your career up off the scrap heap and putting it back together, but not me.  I still think you're a dirty liar and a piece of crap for flat out stealing $40 million during your time here.  I certainly hope you've spent that money well and have some nice knick-knacks in your place to remind you of how badly you snowed the Yankees and Yankee fans everywhere.

And when you come back to The Stadium tonight, don't expect a warm welcome.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way and you're going to be booed.  You should be booed.  Part of me wishes that tonight just turns into an endless barrage by the Yankee bats upon you and your pedestrian offerings.  I want every pitch to either be a home run or a comebacker off the very same buttcheek and rib that you injured while you were here.  I know that won't happen, so I'll settle for a repeat of last night's beatdown of the Angels' staff, but know that you're still the enemy, you're always going to be the enemy (at least in my eyes) and I wish you no success in tonight's outing or any of your future outings hereafter.

If that makes me a crummy person, so be it.  I don't pretend to be a great one and I certainly don't pretend like I don't still have bad memories about your time as a Yankee.  If other people have moved on and are happy for you now, more power to them.  I'm not, and I hope the Yankee offense beats you the F down tonight.  Best of luck to you tonight, guy.



** UPDATE 6:33PM- The first 2 at-bats in the bottom of the 1st LITERALLY could not have gone any better than they did. **

P.S.- When are pitchers going to learn that you can't miss inside against C-Grand with his new swing?  He's going to park it in the seats.

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