Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There Must Be A New Show Out Called "Valentines In Paris"...

(#Assclown.  Courtesy of The AP)

'Cause Bobby V is trolling me so hard right now.  And truth be told, I'd fine him if I had the ability to do so.  Today he decided to spout off about how "The Flip" wasn't that great of a play.

"We'll never practice that.  I think [Jeter] was out of position and the ball gets [Giambi] out if he doesn't touch it, personally."

"That was amazing that (Jeter) was there. I bet it's more amazing that he said he practiced it. I don't believe it.''

Fuck.  You.  I've made a conscious effort to not curse as much on here recently and to be more analysis/stats-driven instead of just spewing my thoughts into a post, but I won't stand by and let some self-absorbed, no-ring-having jerkoff speak ill of one of the greatest heads-up plays in sports history.  Not when that play was made by one of the greatest Yankees in history who also happens to be my favorite baseball player of all time.  Not happening, slapnuts.  Not on my watch.  Mind your manners, check your French, and shut your fucking mouth.

And on Cap'n Varitek retiring:

"He was able to beat up Alex... "

Get bent, bro.  Varitek left his mask on like a bitch because he was afraid The Horse was going to rear up and kick his teeth in.  That's truth right there.  Everybody knows that.

If this is how you want things to be this year, Bob, this is how they can be.  I need a new whipping boy with The Pitcher Who Shall Not Be Named in Pittsburgh.  I can roll up the sleeves and get dirty on you.  You wanna get nuts?  Let's get nuts!!!


Rasheeda Cooper said...

Enough said!!

scooterb1 said...

I'm with ya! Being a Yankee fan living here in Boston, I can't wait till the Sox fans get fed up with his BS. I respected Francona, but Valetine is a nut job. It's only a matter of time before Mr. Big Shot (aka Josh Beckett) smashes a beer bottle on Valentine's head. Oh, wait...beer has been banned from the Red Sox clubhouse! --cue the laughtrack