Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get Me Lou Piniella On Color Commentary, STAT!!

I missed it yesterday, but this story from The Daily News about Lou returning to the Yankees in 2012 as a ST instructor and YES commentator might very well be the best acquisition the Yanks have made this offseason.  It also is the latest reason for me to curse myself for ever moving out to Wisconsin and missing out on the convenience of having the YES Network any time I wanted it.

The stable of YES guys is already pretty strong.  I like O'Neill, I like Flaherty, I like Leiter, and I LOVE me some David Cone.  Adding Sweet Lou to that mix is like including that one last ingredient on Chopped that brings all the flavor profiles together.  He'll be the managerial yin to the other guys' yangs (gross) in terms of breaking down a game, he might be able to provide a little insight into what Joe is thinking when he makes some of his bizarre bullpen decisions, and he's still Lou Piniella.  He's a crazy old guy who's likely to still have some of that old fire in his belly.  I can't wait to hear him the first time he gets fired up about a bad play or bad call.  It'd be like watching a game with your crazy uncle.

I also wouldn't mind seeing him pull one of these on Michael Kay in the booth the first time they disagree on something:

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