Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yankees Sticking It To The 99%

From the team's press release earlier today announcing ticket pricing updates for 2012:

"All seats in the Field Level between the bases will be unchanged or reduced, while seats in the Field Level outfield sections located in fair territory (Sections 103-104 and 132-136) will have price reductions ranging from $10 to $35.  Grandstand Level seats beyond the bases will remain at $20, while Grandstand Level seats between the bases will be $28. Non-obstructed Bleachers tickets will increase by $5."

Non-obstructed bleacher tickets will increase by five bucks?  Are you serious?  Last time I checked, we were still living in a recession, people can't find jobs, everything at The Stadium is already grossly overpriced, and now the Yankees want to jack up the price of the most affordable tickets in the place?

For shame, Yankees.  For shame.

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