Monday, November 28, 2011

I Really Hope The Fraud Sawx Hire Bobby V As Their New Manager

I mean I really REALLY REALLY hope it happens.  I hope it happens more than I hope I get what I want for Christmas, more than I hope the Yankees add another starting pitcher besides Freddy, and more than I hope scientists one day find a cure for cancer.  Just look at some of these quotes from Andrew Marchand's piece on ESPNNY today:

"More than once, I had to remind him that asking a question is not not necessarily questioning a move. Over the two years, I never became 'one of his guys,' but I was also not in the smaller camp that hated him."

"He likes to be liked, which is probably his biggest drawback. If there are 10 people in a room and nine think he is a genius, he is concerned about the 10th. From my experience, the 10th person is usually wrong on Bobby V. But V can't let it go."

"Valentine was always getting into it with someone."

"... things were so dysfunctional between GM Steve Phillips and Valentine that Phillips would call [Bobby] Jones back to the majors later in the year."

Marchand's premise that the Yanks-Sawx rivalry "needs" Valentine is stupid, but the idea of this guy being the one to come in and straighten out the Fraud Sawx ship is even more laughable.  He's an ego maniac who always thinks he's right, has a reputation for arguing with upper management, and always seems to be fighting with his players in the clubhouse about one thing or another.  And now he's going to come in and manage a team fresh off a season of disappointment stemming from a lack of leadership, accountability, and effort from their disjointed collection of spoiled players, and whose roster will still likely employ most of the players blamed for said lack of leadership, accountability and effort?  Yeah, that should work out just fine.  Add in a collection of media guys whose sole goal in life seems to be stirring the pot, an ownership group with a longstanding reputation for throwing people under the bus, and a fanbase with such a sickening sense of entitlement that they practically expect to be handed the World Series trophy every year and it'll be a miracle if Fenway is still standing and Valentine is still alive come mid-2012.

So please, Ben Cherington.  Please sign Bobby V.  He's just what your team needs to rebound from the collapse of 2011.  And by "rebound," I mean continue to spiral downward in a torrent of finger pointing, infighting, excuse making, and general indifference from the players until you're forced to completely blow up the team and go back to being the sadsack, loser organization that we all know you are.

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