Monday, November 21, 2011

Darvish Posting Not A Sure Thing?

In an article for Yahoo! Sports, Jeff Passan discussed the latest in the Yu Darvish situation and shed some light on the workings of the posting system for Japanese players looking to join Major League teams, which I admittedly had no idea was such a thorn in the teams or players.  The piece suggests that Darvish being posted might not be the 100% certainty that everybody perceives it to be if he decides to stand up against the system.  Check out some of the quotes:

"Yu Darvish, in the words of a confidant, 'wants to change baseball in Japan.'”

“'I’m concerned we’re not going to see him for a few more years,' said another GM in a similar position. 'He’s not your average Japanese player. I get the impression he wants to stand for something.'”

"So whether it is speaking out about the posting system or coming out in such favor of staying that it would embarrass the financially troubled Fighters if they posted him anyway for the millions in revenue it would bring, Darvish does command a position of strength, publicly if not legally."

On the one hand, I would have to respect Darvish if he decided to take a stand against the current system and stay in the NPB League.  On the other hand, I would have to be pissed at Darvish for doing so because it would mean the Yankees have no chance to sign him this year.  I know I'll definitely be paying closer attention to this story over the next couple weeks now that there's a possibility of Darvish not being posted, and I'm sure the Yankees will be doing the same.

Yu Darvish, freedom fighter against posting system tyranny!

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