Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Fuck Jacoby Ellsbury.  Fuck Jawnathan Papelbawn.  Fuck Dahhstin Pedroy-ah.  Fuck Terry Francona.  Fuck Theo Epstein.  Fuck Big Sloppi.  Fuck the city of Bahhston and everybody in it.  Have fun watching the playoffs from the couch, you fucking fugazi bitches.  And enjoy the rest of Carl Crawford's contract.


Andrew said...

So I'm the lone Yankee fan living in a house full of Red Sux fans and I have to say this is fucking awesome. Boston fans annointed themselves world series champs before the season even started, and then they're all crying last night as the team carries their shit back into the clubhouse after getting blindsided by the O's.

Thank god I was born and raised a Yankee fan.

Unknown said...

Amen, brother. I always preach the "root FOR the Yankees, not AGAINST the Red Sox," because that's what real fans do. But there was no way to not root against Bahhston and enjoy what happened to them this month.

Andrew said...

Yeah absolutely. I wanted the Yankees to win that game for sure, but that's about as alright as I'll ever be with them blowing a 7 run lead.