Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Soriano's Stupidity Steals The Show

I was going to come in this morning and write a quick post about Joe Girardi's job security and how the seat might be starting to warm up a little under him.  The idea came into my head last night as I was reading the box score of the latest team meltdown and it seemed like a logical, albeit early, point to bring up considering all the turmoil surrounding the team both on and off the field in the last couple weeks.  But then I read Rafael Soriano's postgame comments in the LoHud wrap-up of last night's game and was completely blown away.

Take it away, Raffy:

On whether it bothers him to not be able to pitch: “I don’t think the bullpen be the problem right now. I think it be the hitters. That thing happens sometimes. Whatever we have to do, make a good game and see what happens. One of these days, everything be better.”

On how much it bothers him to not be able to pitch against Boston and Tampa: “Not at all, to me.  Because in the situation, how the team looks be the situation when I’m supposed to be in the game, the eighth. Everybody see, (the team is) losing two, three runs. I don’t think it be that situation that I would be in the bullpen, that I would be in the game.”

Wow.  Just... WOW!  That is some of the most selfish, ignorant, ego-centric shit I've ever read in my life as a Yankee fan.  Mind you this is the same guy who has put up a 5.40/4.96/5.94 ERA/FIP/xFIP tripleslash in his 16 appearances this year, allowing 26 baserunners in 15 innings of work, before this elbow flare-up shelved him.  And he's going to get in front of the media and throw the offense under the bus and then essentially say it doesn't matter that he's not pitching because he wouldn't be in the game anyway???  Who'd Raffy get lessons on how to be a good teammate from?  Jorge Posada?

That $35 million is looking real bad right now...

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