Thursday, April 28, 2011

Slow Day Mini-Linkapalooza

I'll be honest, I am hung over as a bastard today, so the synapses aren't all firing upstairs.  What's the best way around that?  Links.

- Will at IIATMS shows us what we all already knew.  Bartolo Colon is a badass.

- Eric Schultz at TYA compiles everything you could ever want to know  about this supposed circulatory issue that Phil Hughes has.

- Mike Axisa at RAB breaks down just how awful Nick Swisher has been so far in 2011.  An ISO only slightly higher than Jeter's?  Sheesh.

- And no surprise here, but Kevin Kernan at The Post is still an idiot.

And as always, I bring this visual peace offering to make up for my horrible blogging today.  This time we've got Blake Lively as a redhead.  Enjoy.

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