Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Happier Bullpen News...

(It's FIII-YAAAAHHH!!!!!  Courtesy of Swanny Duckson)

I think the Yankees have found their new OFFICIAL fireman in Dave Robertson.  Dude was straight money last night in striking out 2 to leave the bases loaded and preserve A.J.'s then 4-3 lead.  If I would have been watching that game, there's a chance I would have been kissing the TV screen as he walked off the mound before YES went to commercial.

Even though Joe doesn't seem to have any clue about how he wants to use D-Rob (evidenced by the fact that D-Rob is up in the 'pen warming in almost every game and sometimes on off-days), when he has gotten the call Robertson has been solid all year.  Only five baserunners allowed in his 6 shutout innings of work over 7 appearances, 10.50 K/9, 3.50 K/BB, and a 1.73 FIP that proves he hasn't just been getting lucky?  Yeah, I think that qualifies him for official "Fireman" status.

Sorry, Sour Puss.  You're out.  Stop being a baby and learn how to pitch in adverse weather conditions and then come back and talk to me.  Now somebody hit the music!

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