Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baserunning 101

(Video used courtesy of Barstool Boston)

Darnell McDonald putting the "DUH" in fundamentals there.  Talk about a horrible way to lose a game.  Screw "never make the first or last out of the inning at 3rd base," how about "never make the final out of a one-run game as the tying baserunner by rounding 2nd base too far on a chopper to 3rd."

What an assclown.

P.S.- Will I regret this bit of mini-knife turning when the Yankees hit a rough patch in the near future?  Maybe.  But it's too fun to not jump on the Sawx and kick them when they're down after all the time the MSM spent fellating them this offseason.


Larry Koestler said...

Heh, I figured you'd have the Soxenfraude angle covered.

While I can't say I'm a huge proponent of kicking our rival while they're down, considering it's way too early and the Yankees will undoubtedly hit a similar rough patch at some point, thank you for the chuckle just the same.

Unknown said...

The Sawx fans will be kicking the Yanks when they hit their rough patch, so it only feels right to seize the opportunity to do the same when I have the chance.

And when that chance happens to be early in a year when everybody and their mother picked Boston to win based on their offseason signings and they come out and play absolutely horrible baseball, it would be downright wrong of me to ignore that.