Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Take On Yesterday's Roster Decisions

Thumbs Up: 7

- Sending Ramiro Pena to Triple-A (kid can't hit)
- Adding Eric Chavez to the 40-man (guy has done nothing but hit)
- Releasing Ronnie Belliard (hard to add him when he barely played)
- Selling Romulo Sanchez to Japan (hopefully they paid for him by the pound)
- Sending Austin Romine to Double-A (he still needs work)
- Making Eduardo Nunez the utility infielder (not official but do the math)
- Keeping Mark Prior around in Tampa (nice to see his arm still attached and working)

Thumbs Down: 3

- Making Gustavo Molina the backup catcher (seriously, who is this guy???)
- Sending Jesus Montero to Triple-A (good hitting or bad, good defense or bad in ST, the kid is one of the 25 best players on the team and he should be on the 25-man)
- Not announcing Feliciano's replacement (might want to get on that)

More good calls than bad made yesterday by the Yankees, and nothing really surprising.  You can't be upset about any of that (except maybe Molina-for-Montero).

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