Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Morning Thought To Ponder: Is Bartolo Colon Secretly A Voodoo Witch Doctor?

(Colon's alter ego?)

Seriously, this is something worth looking into.  Consider the facts:

- The guy has not pitched in the Majors since 2009.

- He has not pitched more than 100+ innings since 2006.

- He has not been consistently healthy since 2006.

- He managed to turn a handful of Dominican winter ball innings into a contract offer, albeit a non-guaranteed one, from the New York Yankees.

- He has shown Joe Girardi enough to all but eliminate the younger guys from the back-of-the-rotation competion.

- He has been given the first shot to show what he's got left in the Yankees' ST season opener tomorrow afternoon.

- His toughest 'young guy' competition for the 5th starter spot, Andrew Brackman, is going to miss this weekend's action with a groin injury.

The cards couldn't be falling into place any better for Colon to sneak into the 5th starter role right now.  There is still no concrete proof that he's behind this, but if Ivan Nova takes a digger down the dugout steps this weekend and messes up his knee, something is definitely up.

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