Monday, February 14, 2011

First Yankee Spring Training Pictures

First round of ST pictures are hitting the wire and they are fantastic.  Just oodles of visual gold.  I'll let the legit blogs handle the PECOTA analysis of the pitchers and catchers and continue to try to predict who the Yankees should go after at the trade deadline to shore up the rotation.  I'm just here to make some lame jokes.

Cash may not have been convinced that CC actually lost 25 pounds, but homebody looks pretty svelte to me.  Maybe I'm just being a homer here, but it looks like Carsten and Phil could go on "WWE Raw" tonight and win the tag time titles.  That's a couple of BIG dudes right there.  Too bad neither of them pulled a Dennis Reynolds and popped the shirt off for the photogs.

Holy Christ!  Who killed Rafael Soriano's cat??  Dude looks more miserable at camp than he was at his first press conference.  Come on, guy!  Crack a smile, would ya?  You're making $11 mil this year to pitch for the greatest franchise in sports history.

Based on that look I'd say Bartolo Colon's chances of making the team out of ST are about the same as mine.  That being said, with those tits he could have a good shot at making the cast for the next season of "Rock of Love."  So he's got that going for him.

A.J. and Dave Robertson take time out of pledge week at the frat house to show up for their physicals.  And I thought I was a slacker for wearing jeans to the office on a Wednesday sometimes.

"Bro, did you catch Arcade Fire on the Grammys?  It was sweet."

"Dude, I know.  Do you think coach is going to notice that I'm high right now?"

"I hope not, bro.  I wish we would have stopped at Taco Bell on the way."

The Jesus is injured???  NO!  It can't be!!  Why isn't he healing himself?!?!  GAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

(All photos courtesy of Reuters)

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