Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interesting Breakfast Conversation

A couple of big potential stories came out of the WFAN breakfast this morning that Cash attended.  The first came from his discussion about Derek Jeter's future at short.  Cash stated:

"I like corner outfielders and corner infielders who have power, so for me, if he's ever gonna move, it's probably gonna be a Robin Yount situation. But we don't have to deal with it at this point.  We'll deal with it when we have to." (via ESPNNY)

Go figure that on a day that I elect him to the AB4AR Man Crush HOF Cash goes and proposes something dumb like this.  I mean, everything about that sentence is absurd.  Brett Gardner is the current Yankee left fielder and he has next to no power, so in a way it's almost like Cash is discounting all that Gardner does and his 5.4 WAR in 2010.  And the 'Robin Young situation' didn't involve taking over for a solid lefty-hitting, Gold Glove-caliber centerfielder in his prime, which is what Curtis Granderson currently is.  So unless Cash knows something we don't about C-Grand's Yankee future, that would be a huge downgrade to go from him to Jeter, both offensively and defensively.

The second interesting bit of tid came courtesy of Amanda Rykoff's Twitter feed: 

"Francesa: Any chance of Joba in the rotation? Cashman: No. He hasn't been same since injury in TX."

Wow.  I mean, wow!  The reason Joba isn't being considered for a rotation spot in 2011 is because of an injury he suffered in August of 2008, even though he was included in the competition for the 5th rotation spot in 2010???  That's just baffling.  I don't even know what to say to that.

Cliff Corcoran of Pinstriped Bible has a great recap of that injury up already, which was a great refresher for me, but I'm still not following any of the logic in that sentence.  Even if Joba really did lose something as a result of that injury, and even if that loss of stuff makes him better suited for the bullpen today, wouldn't the effects of that injury been a bigger hindrance to him in Spring Training 2010, when he was 1.5 years removed from it than they would be in Spring Training of 2011, when he will be 2.5 years removed?  Where was all the concern and mention about this injury last year?  Why is it suddenly such a big determining factor in his future?

I've said all along that the Yankees have done Joba a huge disservice with the way they have handled him, and that's something everybody in the organization should regret.  It seems to me like Cash and his associates are starting to realize just how badly they fucked up and now they need to pull something out their asses to create a "reason" for Joba not being a starter rather than admit that their fuck up is the reason.  That statement about the injury in Texas might work for them as a "reason," but it just doesn't hold water in my book.

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