Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Quick Look At Some Of The Quotes From The Jeter PC Today

The Yankees finalized the deal and made it official today.  Derek Jeter is back and is now going to retire a Yankee.  They capped everything off with a press conference and there were a few interesting bits said here and there by those who participated.  Let's hit it with a real quick and dirty FJM'ing.

“He never left. We didn’t want him going anywhere.” - Cash

And let's be honest.  Where the fuck else was he going to go?  Detroit?  The Mets?  COME ON!!!

“He is a true Yankee.” - Joe

Not like that prima donna, A-Rod.  Jeter would never overestimate his own worth and try to use that misguided opinion to get more money.  Oh wait...

“I had never planned on going anywhere.” - Jeter

I mean, let's be honest.  Where the fuck else was I going to go?  Detroit?  The Mets?  COME ON!!!

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't angry how some of this went... " - Jeter

Because facing your own mortality is never a fun experience.  But in fairness, Derek, I think the Yankee brass and the fans would be lying if they said they weren't angry watching you constantly beat balls into the left side of the infield all last season.

“I’m getting older, but so is everyone else in this room.” - Jeter

No argument on that point from a scientific perspective.  But not every else in that room is getting grossly overpaid to play a physically-demanding position that they are no longer capable of doing at an All-Star level on an everyday basis.  Just sayin'...

All kidding aside.  It's good to have Jeter back and it's good to have this whole issue resolved and behind us after the press conference today.  Now we can move on to Cliff Lee and Jeter can move on to getting some bat speed and lateral range on defense back.

(Thanks to Chad Jennings at LoHud for posting the quotes from the PC)

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