Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Single Greatest Quote I Have Heard All Year

Stop the voting!  Close the polls!  It's all over!  The winner of the 2010 "Best Line of The Year" goes to the "source" close to the Yankee-Jeter talks who stated that the talks were going to stop until Jeter and Casey Close "Drink the reality potion."

Read that again.  "Drink the reality potion." I consider myself a pretty solid wordsmith, but even I couldn't come up with something as perfectly accurate, appropriate, and hilarious as that simple 4-word statement to describe this situation.  It's brilliant.

Now I don't know what the reality potion is.  My guess would be it has to involve alcohol because everybody knows the truth comes out when you're drunk and truth and reality go hand-in-hand.  So drink up, Derek, and don't be afraid to pass that bottle over to your boy, Double-C.  We've got to get these negotiations a-movin' again and have to get them going in a direction that is much more in touch with reality.

(Swanny Duckson strikes again with the Photoshoppiness)

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Rasheeda Cooper said...

Even more brilliant than the quote is that photo. Hilarious!