Friday, September 17, 2010

Light Coverage Weekend Coming Up

So here's the deal, people.  I'm flying home for the weekend for some activities so the constantly awesome material I've been churning out lately is going to slow down a bit.

I can promise you that I will post something any time I have an opportunity to do so.  I can also promise you that with a wedding on Saturday (complete with 6-hour open bar reception and an after party in the hotel bar after the reception), NFL football and bar hopping with my buddy on Sunday, and what will undoubtedly be a kickass Alice In Chains/Deftones/Mastodon concert on Monday, those opportunities will be few and far between.

So there you go.  You might get some stuff or you might have to sit tight and be patient until Tuesday.  This is the downside of only having one writer on the team.

Whatever.  It's an open bar reception!!!  Cheers, bitches!

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