Friday, May 28, 2010

Well At Least This Guy Had A Good Time Last Night

Amen, brother!  Get you some of that pork chop.  There definitely wasn't anything going on in the game that was worth watching so why not get all up in Kim Jones' shit and get some nourishment while you're at it?

And can somebody tell Michael Kay to calm the fuck down??  Really, dude with the "Oh that's disgusting!" line?  It's a goddamn pork chop on a stick.  It wasn't like he was chowing down on a deep-fried moose turd.  Kim obviously wasn't going to eat the thing so why let it go to waste?  I'll tell you one thing, if I'm ever at Target Field and Kim Jones is waving a pork chop on a stick in front of my face, I'm chomping down on that thing faster than you can even think.  Might even take some of Kim's hand with it too.

P.S.- I know I'm probably behind with this observation but again, out in Wisconsin, no YES Network, cut me some slack.  But what's the deal with Kim's new hair?  The darker, longer look?  I'm not feeling it at all.  Give me the shorter blonde look that I know and love.

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