Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The A-Horse Cometh

It's a new year and a new baseball season. And a new baseball season means it's time for a new picture of the graceful, majestic, unworldly rare A-Horse.

(Swanny Duckson does it again)

Yes, the 2009 version of the A-Horse was a thing to behold, but the 2010 model is even more pristine, even more regal, and has much better balance to its powerful 4-legged swing.

We are only but a few weeks into Spring, but already the 2010 A-Horse has begun to heat up and soon we could very well see it hitting as hot as the scorching summer. With fully-healed hips and a clean conscience, this year's A-Horse is poised to re-assert itself as the premiere centaur in Major League Baseball and, dare I say it, professional sports.

So take in the A-Horse in all its mystique and glory. But be careful not to look directly at it. Those who do have been known to get taken deep to left center field for game-tying or game-winning home runs.

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