Friday, June 6, 2014

Draft Day 2 News And Notes (UPDATED)

Here's my version of the live draft tracker.  Post will be updated as the Yankees make their picks.

- The first pick of the day is in.  3rd round, 91st overall, and it's right-handed HS pitcher Austin DeCarr from Connecticut.  Kid is committed to Clemson.

** UPDATE 12:36 PM- According to the scouting report, he's 6'3"/220, throws a fastball in the low-to-mids 90s, a curveball and changeup that both show promise, and he throws all 3 for strikes.  Only been pitching 2 years too, so there could be some ceiling there. **

** UPDATE 1:18 PM- 4th round, 122nd overall, Yanks take Jordan Montgomery, 21-year-old left-handed starting pitcher from the University of South Carolina.  Listed at 6'4"/225, throws a moving high 80s-low 90s fastball that he commands well, a good changeup, and a curveball.**

** UPDATE 1:22 PM- Pat Connaughton, the righty from Notre Dame that the team was targeting, was taken 1 pick before they selected Montgomery. **

** UPDATE 2:39 PM- 5th round, 152nd overall, Yanks take Jordan Foley, 20-year-old right-handed starting pitcher from Central Michigan.  Listed at 6'3"/215, throws a low-to-mid 90s fastball, a decent slider, and has the makings of a changeup and a splitter.  Lotta big-bodied pitchers... **

** UPDATE 2:47 PM- Via Bryan Hoch:
** UPDATE 2:56 PM- 6th round, 182nd overall, Yanks take Jonathan Holder, 20-year-old junior right-handed pitcher from Mississippi State.  Listed at 6'2"/235, turns 21 on Monday.  Doubling down on the Bulldogs. **

** UPDATE 3:53 PM- 7th round, 212th overall, Yanks take Mark Payton, 22-year-old senior lefty-hitting center fielder from the University of Texas.  Listed at 5'8"/190.  Sounds like a speed/defense guy. **

** UPDATE 4:22 PM- 8th round, 242nd over, Yanks take Connor Spencer, 21-year-old junior left-hitting first baseman from Cal Irvine.  Listed at 6'2"/215. **

** UPDATE 5:47 PM- 9th round, 272nd overall- Vince Conde, junior shortstop from Vandy.  10th round, 302nd overall- Ty McFarland, senior second baseman from James Madison.

That wraps it up for day 2 and the Yankees were clearly focusing on pitchers with big frames, whether they were college or high school, and college players in general.  I'm expecting to see a lot of quick signings for a lot of slot level or below numbers.  More details on some of these guys as soon as I get a chance to read up on them.

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