Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 AB4AR "Best And Worst Of The Year": The Postseason

- Calling Out the Weak Yankee Stadium Crowd.  It still disappoints me to think about how quiet those postseason crowds were, and I worry that's going to continue to be the case now that the Yanks are out of their deal with StubHub.

- Questioning Joe's ALCS Bullpen Decisions.  Less than a week after praising the job Joe did, I was right back to bashing him.  I still say this was very deserved criticism, though.

- Get Off A-Rod's Nuts.  I wasn't sure how that title was going to go over on TYA, but it was a pretty good rant and I still think it's a joke that C-Grand and Cano didn't get bashed more for choking in the playoffs.

- Commenting on The "1-Year Only" Approach.  Seeing how quickly guys like Martin and Chavez left, I think that strategy did backfire on the Yankees a bit.

- Not Sold On Youkilis.  Whoops.  Guess I should have written that more than 1 hour before the Yanks offered him a contract.

- Getting Excited About Brett Gardner's Return.  Still love me some BG, probably more than I should.

- Hideki Matsui Retires.  It's just a few days old, but Hideki was a favorite of mine.

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Unknown said...

Regarding "Calling out the weak Yankee Stadium Crowd":

It's definitely not just in the post season, it’s a year-round abomination. I will admit though it is more apparent in October. It’s sad to see other parks that are packed to the gills and bursting at the seam with excitement and say to my son, “That’s what we used to have.” I doubt Stub-Hub will have any significant effect. The only way to fix it is to fill the place with real fans that care and know about what they are watching, and also are in their seats for that purpose. If only we could go back to pre-2008 again. I don’t need a steakhouse or a Hard-Rock. There are plenty of them along with sports bars, and shopping malls ELSEWHERE. I’m fine with a hot dog and a beer, or an awesome sandwich that I bring myself (its BASEBALL…isn’t it??). I'm a real fan who used to live and die with every win or loss and one who likes to cheer loudly. Isn't that what our national pastime is supposed to be all about? The place now perpetuates a “wine and cheese” crowd where probably half are there for “something to do”, or to entertain clients. It’s truly sickening. Read the post and scroll down to Bill U’s comment. I merely reiterate everything I said there.