Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Progress On The Offseason To-Do List

($15 million would bring a smile to your face too.  Courtesy of the AP)

He's another old guy, but he's a productive one and one who actually made sense to bring back, so Hiroki Kuroda re-upping for another year yesterday was a positive first step for the Yankees yesterday after an early offseason of mostly inactivity.  There's still a lot to be done, and still plenty of opportunities for people like me to complain about them only targeting guys 35 and over, but Kuroda was the most important player to bring back and now that's been done.  Hopefully this a sign that Cash is going to start moving and shaking a little more heading into the Winter Meetings, and he's still got plenty of time before then to work out new deals with Mo and Andy and free up his time at the meetings for perusing the trade market.  By my count, here's how the updated to-do list should look:

1) Re-Sign Hiroki Kuroda

2) Re-Sign Mariano Rivera

3) Re-Sign Andy Pettitte

4) Find a new right fielder (a.k.a. trade for Justin Upton)

5) Find a new catcher (a.k.a. re-sign Russell Martin)

6) Get some insurance for Derek Jeter

7) Fill out the bench

Go get 'em, Cash.  That's a long list.

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