Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On ManBan And Betances' Recent Outings

Unless you've been incredibly busy over the past four days, or just don't spend all your free time following Yankee blogs like some of us do, you're probably well aware that Manny Banuelos came out last Friday and put on a masterful performance in his two innings of work, flashing both the stuff and command that has made him a top flight prospect.  You're probably also well aware that Dellin Betances followed that up last night with a similar performance, showing much improved command than he did in his last appearance.  There's been some buzz generated by both of these outings, and although the Yankosphere hasn't blown its top suggesting that these guys should be in on the rotation competition, I feel like it wants to.  Beneath the surface, people have to be itching to rev up the hype machine on these two based off their recent outings.  If you're one of these people, please take this bit of advice.

Just stop it.  There's no reason to get carried away with PHS (Prospect Hugging Syndrome) after a couple of good performances from Banuelos and Betances.  Were they both on top of their games?  Yes.  Was it the best either of them has looked this spring?  Yes.  Better than they looked for the majority of 2011?  Yes.  But it was still just one outing apiece, short outings at that, and those outings should not change the course that the Yankees have these two on.

Banuelos and Betances both stand to factor big time into the Yankees' future plans, possibly starting as early as this fall and almost certainly by this time next year.  Keep in mind, though, that both of them are coming off down years after 2010 and have yet to showcase the type of command they each showed the last time out on a consistent basis in their short time at the Triple-A level .  They also are yet to fully stretch out their innings totals in the Minors, with ManBan throwing 129.1 total innings last season and Betances 129.0.  They both still need polish, they both still need to develop, and the best way to accomplish those things is to spend another full season at Triple-A.

The Yankees made upgrading the rotation a priority this offseason and they did just that by bringing in Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda.  They know what they have in ManBan and Betances and they know that it's in their best interest and the team's best interest to not rush them to the show before they're ready if they don't have to.  The presence of Pineda and Kuroda and the added depth that Hughes, Garcia, Warren, and Phelps provide gives the Yankees the luxury to let Banuelos and Betances spend another season developing in Triple-A, and that's exactly what they should do no matter how well either pitches in Spring Training.


Anonymous said...

excellent post...

there's not a reason on earth to rush these guys as the rotation on the big club is currently overfull.

Unknown said...

Absolutely. I'm going to be as excited as anybody if they both have strong camps, but for next year more than this year.

Thanks for the comment.