Friday, February 17, 2012

Two Minutes To Midnight

We're another day closer to doomsday, but fortunately it sounds like we're also a lot closer to the A.J. trade being completed.

Via George King, the Yankees and Pirates have agreed to swap A.J. for two marginal prospects, with Pittsburgh picking up somewhere between $13-15 million of the remaining contract.  A source was quoted as saying the deal should be completed by Saturday.  That's still cutting it pretty close, but things look promising right now.  If the deal does go through this way, you would have to call that a big win for the Yankees.  But until it does, the clock stays active.

**UPDATE- 12:19PM- Buster Olney is reporting that the terms of the deal have been finalized and are being submitted to MLB for approval.  This thing could become official this afternoon. **

** UPDATE- 1:47PM- Joel Sherman has the first prospect included in the deal- Diego Moreno, right-handed relief pitcher. ** 

** UPDATE- 3:31PM- Jonathan Mayo of reporting that 20-year-old OF Exicardo Cayones is the 2nd prospect included in the deal.  Still no official approval from the Commissioner's office. **

** UPDATE- 6:36PM- Pirates picking up $5 million this season and $8 million next.  Yankees get the remaining 20. **

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