Monday, February 13, 2012

Some Yankees Not Wasting Any Time

"Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain made 15 throws in his second session on a half-mound at the team’s minor-league complex, part of his rehabilitation after elbow ligament replacement surgery.

Chamberlain said he was 'happy with the progress and feeling good,' after throwing off the 5-inch mound Friday.

Derek Jeter is set to hit on the field for first time Monday and is looking to 'pick up where we left off last year' when his batting average increased from .260 to .297 after he returned from a strained right calf on July 4.

Right-handers Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova and Cory Wade threw off bullpen mounds. Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report for spring training on Feb. 19." (Courtesy of The AP)

Well how do you like them apples?  Still a week away from Spring Training officially beginning and the Yankees already have a small army on site in Tampa getting a head start on their preseason work.  And one of the guys there is The Captain himself, leading by example.  I love it.  This is where championship teams are forged.

Meanwhile, the Fraud Sawx probably haven't stopped playing Call of Duty: MW3 since their season ended last year.  Tough to get the right grip on your slider with chicken grease on your fingers and carpal tunnel setting in from holding the PS3 controller too long.

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