Friday, February 3, 2012

Some Chick Was Stalking Cash?

(Courtesy of Steven Hirsch/NY Post)

Meh.  I've seen better.  Stalkers are like big contracts.  You only want to have one on your hands if it's an elite, game-changing talent.  This chick is not that.

I will give her props for extorting a little coin from the Cash Man, though.  This is the same guy who straight up robbed Swish from Kenny Williams, turned water into wine with Freddy and Bartolo, and just made a damn good trade for a 22-year-old power pitcher.  He's usually pretty tough to out muscle in the dollar game.

P.S.- Is this why Cash hasn't traded A.J. yet?  I imagine it can be a bit distracting closing a deal with another GM over the phone when you've got your stalker holding on Line 2.

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