Monday, February 20, 2012

Mo Already In Camp

... And already talking about the future.  Cash made it seem yesterday like Mo was going to be a later arrival to Spring Training than he turned out to be.  He was in the clubhouse this morning when it opened to the media, and he had plenty to say about his future beyond this, supposedly his last, season:

“I know.  I know now. Definitely. I won’t let you know now, but I know.”

“It doesn’t depend on how I’m going to pitch. Always I want to do my job, but I’ve made my decision already.”

“Even if I save 90 games. Even if they want to pay as much money as they want to, any team, (it won’t change the decision).”

“Decisions like that are always hard. Always. They involve what you do and what you have done for 22 years. Decisions like that are always hard, difficult, but at the same time, they have to be made.”

“I know what I want to do after this. There’s a lot of things I want to do after baseball. I always tell you guys that. It’s something that everybody goes through.”

“If I wanted to become a manager I would continue playing until I can’t no more because you have to do the same thing, traveling and traveling.”

“This one is different. This is it. This one is my decision.”

Mo said he made the decision about "two or three weeks" ago, and from all those little quotes it certainly sounds like he's leaning towards this being his last season.  If that's the case, then at least he gave everybody plenty of notice so they can enjoy every opportunity they have to watch him this season. 

All quotes via Chad at LoHud

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